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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  December 23, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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it is the most difficult time of the year. >> i wish we could stay here a land mark conviction in for a year. the the catholic church abuse >> a year. >> yes. case is overturn, again. >> stay here forever. what it means for monsignor >> forever, in a place william lynn and the high wherever one, under stance. profile case. good morning to you so chip reid, cbs news, dallas. glad you are with us everybody, it is wednesday, december 23rd i'm nicole >> that is a a beautiful brewer, erika has the day off. thing. we're also getting a also this morning an amazing story of survival, a man is holiday greeting from great britain's prince harry. pulled from the ruble more than 60 hours after a land his picture business tom neil, slide in china, just an harry says he chose that image incredible story, we will have for his christmas card because more coming up in a little bit it was an honor to meet neil but first lets check with during a accept remembrance. weather and traffic, good as a matter of fact harry morning, ladies. called it one of the most >> yes. >> i was just going to say it memorable moments of the 2015. weather is all over the place. nice tribute. we will have all these coming up next on cbs-3 different things working to "eyewitness news" we are live at the the airport with day and on the roadways we're holiday travel are on one of the busiest days of the year. seeing fog. >> yes. >> immediate concern and then also another scandal in the secret service this time we have wet weather that we are tracking. it involves allegations of an so lots to go over here but all it boils down to is we agent's gun and badge were have a warm front lifting in. stolen, we will give you we will have a variety of details there. and later on what kind of impacts. and timing is less than ideal cookies are you keeping for
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because so many of us will be saint nick, if you are over traveling today for the the upcoming holiday. so let's walk you through it oreos or other treats we have quick recipes to make at home. all, starting off, storm scan we will be right back. three, a little sliver of light rain currently falling across southern most kent county in delaware and another batch starting to roll into sussex. thinks all lifting north so eventually everybody gets in on this. for now your main, immediate concern is the the fog, but the rain is on the way as well. the it will be one of those days where because of one system we will see lots of different impact. dense fog advisory still posted, philadelphia county not included. we have very lie lying cloud cover, that has begun to lift but down through delco and delaware no dense fog advisory, still watching you might want into a few patches. worst through garden state and southeastern pennsylvania. meanwhile our eyewitness weather day planner does feature rain. steady rain comes this afternoon but it really could rain at anytime today. as we showed you, it is starting to lift in as we
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speak. that is really the next thing we will have to dodge but it is also really warm. we cannot forget that. 64 degrees. we will flirt with record territory today, meisha. >> i think we can handle that, right now, roadways are still looking dry, just like we are pointing out that fog that will pose an issue. this is a busiest travel days of the entire year to day, tomorrow will be another would be, but a disable vehicle will that is starting to cause slow downs for some of you up there. it has new been since cleared. that is good news. it is still busy. plenty of headlights moving in the southbound direction. schuylkill eastbound at spring garden a beautiful shot one of my favorite traffic cameras to put up when you see that darkened sky. looking good. the schuylkill and i-95 are two areas we are keeping an eye on this morning because it is heating up a bit. we have stable vehicle still lingering 95 south at girard point bridge pull out to the right shoulder. not causing too many slow downs in terms of it blocking
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lanes but the flashing lights will start to slow you down. we have an overturn tractor trailer, a serious accident, ac expressway, before route 54 a left lane is block moving in the westbound direction and also a left lane is block, moving in the eastbound ♪usic: "another sunny day" by belle and sebastian direction. this is one around that area give yourself couple extra ♪ minora void it all together. nicole, back over to you. well, for second time landmark conviction of the ♪ roman catholic church official convicted over his handling of such a shame it's labeled a "getaway." abuse complaints in philadelphia has been life should always feel like this. overturned. monsignor william lynn may soon walk out of prison. hampton. we go together. "eyewitness news" reporter always get the lowest price, only when you book direct at david spun has the detail. >> monsignor william lynn is a accused of knowingly allowing sexual predator priest to have contact with philadelphia children. lynn, hoist currently behind bars near scranton, may soon be a freeman, after after a panel of superior court judges ordered a new trial. >> his life was cut short. it didn't have to happen. >> reporter: mike mcilmail well, a santa claus is going
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said his son sean was a proud to be sweating when he shows catholic growing up. sean later died from a drug up on boat house row this year. live look at the schuylkill overdose but his family blames river our winter warm up, just keeps on going and now we're years of allege sexual abuse by another philadelphia priest chasing record. for what ultimately happened we will have details. also storm scan three is to mcilmail. showing us rain moving in what they sat down exclusively with our pat ciarrocchi in you cannot see there is fog september. >> it is not their fault that rolling witt. much of the area under a dense they were raped at 11, 12, 13, fog advisory this morning. of course, fog can mean delays nine, 16, it is not their fault that they now have have on the roads and at the drug issues. airport. the that is where we're >> reporter: the the priest now that was accused of looking live right now. coming up we will check with sexually abusing mcilmail was justin fin to much see how under the supervision of things are going at the airport. it looks busy to me. monsignor william lynn. it is wednesday, december 23rd, glad you are >> it was betrayal, something with us, i'm nicole brewer in he was brought to believe since i was a little kid, it forker contact before justin was all a lie. meisha and katie have a check on weather and traffic and >> reporter: charges were later dropped against the priest when mcilmail died, definitely going hand and hand that priest is now a freeman. today, katie. philadelphia attorney tom >> even though, i have to say those christmas lights look kline representing the mcilmail family and told gorgeous. "eyewitness news" they were >> yes. >> beautiful tomorrow. devastate todd learn monsignor >> roadways are looking good right now, still dry, just william lynn may be a freeman. foggy but i will say we will >> sean mcilmail was a see that fog it seems like wonderful boy. he did everything right, his moving from our traffic parents followed the path of cameras.
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>> depend where you are, the church which led him into absolutely true, you are right. we had low lying cloud cover the hands of a serial over center city. that has had a chance to lift. predator. >> reporter: mcilmail family is suing the the archdiocese when we look at a field camera of philadelphia i reached out you can see tops of the sky to the archdiocese and scrapers and that was not monsignor lynn's attorney and possible say an hour ago. have not heard back. the reporting from the the sat at this point it is not center, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". flags are at half staff in new jersey as state police say good bye to a comrade. funeral for state trooper eli mccarson will be at noon a at concert hall at rowan university. last thursday, trooper mccarson was answering a domestic disturbance call in salem county where a vehicle won't off allaway row in quinton township. there is no word on the cause of the crash. the crash is under investigation. a mechanism that could have prevented the deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia is now fully operation allah long amtrak's northeast corridor. experts say positive train control could have prevented the deadly derailment earlier this year that killed eight people and injured more than
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200. simulator at amtrak training headquarters in wilmington shows us how the safety system works. the sensors monitor the the train speed and fit is going too fast the system automatically applies the the brakes. >> for example if my train is only good at 90 miles an hour it will enforce 90-mile speed limit on that bridge, curve or restrictions. no matter what the speed is it enforcees every single speed on that railroad. >> amtrak's harrisburg line is expect to have positive train control by the end of next month. the time is 5:36. in business news this morning, a new holiday, a a new recall, and a big fine for boeing, money watch's henna daniels joins us live from the new york stock exchange with more on that, good morning, hena. >> good morning. federal aviation administration says boeing must pay 12 million-dollar for failing to submit service instruction toss airlines in a timely fashion. a among other violations, although they would help carriers reduce risk of fuel tank explosions.
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boeing has agreed to pay the fine. 2016 enrollment for obama carries out pacing last year. department of health and human services says more than 8 million people signed up vee at federal insurance exchange, that doesn't include sign ups in states with their own exchanges. the thinks third obama care open enrollment and more young people are participating. final deadline for obtaining 2016 coverage is january 31st. ford is recalling older crown victoria and mercury grand marquis models made between 2003 through 2005. headlights can go out while driving potentially causing a crash. the auto maker says it knows of 11 accidents and one minor injury because of the problem. still looking for the perfect gift for your pet. pet smart has created its own holiday to help. today is a national fetch day, the pet supply chain stories offering special discount on on line orders that can be pick up in a store today or tomorrow, offering everything
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from toys to treats, to pet food, nicole. >> that is pretty cute, i like that national fetch day. >> i do too good henna, thanks for the the update, we appreciate it. it business time, philadelphia makes the list of the best food cities in the country n a list published by the washington post philadelphia was ranked the sixth, best food city in america, coming in ahead of insuring which was number eight. philadelphia a was praised for multitude of breweries, wide range of vegetarian options and modern takes on traditional fare. singled out was east passyunk's which we featured on taste with torey last movement here's a if you will look at the top six, that six as we mentioned, philadelphia, coming in at number five, houston, number four is new orleans, at three, los angeles, number two go to san francisco and coming in at number one portland. there you go. is there the the list. 5:38 right now. real housewife teresa guidice is expected to be released from prison today. her lawyer told radar than line he is in danburr toy take
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her home to her family and not to a halfway house. reality tv star and convicted felon will remain under house arrest until february 5th. she has been in jail since january after pleading guilty to bankruptcy fraud last year. 5:39. still ahead on "eyewitness news" the eagles players heading to the pro bowl. also ahead amazing new video a after a landslide in chine, a man is pull from the ruble, more than two days later, plus this. i'm danielle nottingham in los angeles, coming up, researchers find new benefits for parents have of premature babe hoist hold them skin to skin. and it happened to many children when they sit on children's lap but one local business is turning these tears into cheers for a great cause. we will explain. i love these pictures. they are priceless. we will take a short break. poor little will guy. we will be right back.
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here's today's headlines on cbs-3, rush is on at philadelphia international airport, triple a expects more than 100 million people to go 50 miles or more from home. it credits cheaper gas prices a and christmas falling on a friday. philadelphia police are investigating a triple shooting in strawberry mansion, someone shot two men and a woman outside of the sports bar at 27th and lehigh, all three are in stable condition. temple owls football season end in a loss at boca
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raton bowl, philip eli threw an 80-yard touchdown as toledo rockets beat the owls 32-17. but what a season. checking sports right now eagles will be sending three players to this years pro bowl in hawaii, offensive tackle jason peters is going for the eighth time, darren sproles is making a second trip as a return specialist and defensive end fletcher cox is going to the pro bowl for the the first time in his career. very exciting. also the the season is on the line for the eagles this saturday night in prime time, the the bird, if they lose to washington, they will be out of the playoffs so it is kind of of, an important game here, game time is 8:00 o'clock but get ready with our pregame show beginning at 7:00 and that is followed by kick off live from lincoln financial field, all of it happening right here on cbs-3. yes, as my expt pin it is an important game, eagles fans. you heard it here. what some are enjoying warmer weather ski resorts are not in the poconos. take a a lot a jack frost big
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boulder where what little snow there is, covered in fog. mountains is closed. snow making is difficult on this winter because of the weather that we have had, ski resorts in the poconos are opened though, most with just a handful of trails. the kind of a rough go there but some are trade nothing skis for golf clubs. with temperatures expect to be in the 70's we're told t times on christmas eve are going fast a across the the region. many course is are just thrilled with the extended season, since some got a late start in the spring due to the ice damage. but i guess, skip the the slopes, head to the greens, you will be good to go. >> absolutely. i can already picture our friend ukee washington out there. >> 100 percent. >> i fully expect a text message like when is this little shower coming in because i need to schedule my t time, he used to pull that on me all the time when i can get my game in. >> lets look the at what the weather watchers are reporting. i want to start off with a couple really sweet pictures. we have point september as
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that sandra left on her front important this much morning. we have more weather related once. this came from ed connor in chesterfield. this is route 528 where there is fog lying in thick. that will glow around the street lamp and damp, foggy beginning to the morning in chestnut hill this came in from phil chapline, beautiful christmas tree lights out on the city streets. damp start to the morning. a foggy one as well. we have been discussing dense fog advisories are posted and we will get to that in a second. lets give you a sense of the temperatures, it is mild, in the 50's, exclusively a across the board here, and, then very remote suburbs up further north, charles reporting 50 degrees. the it is 57 right now in cherry hill, where lynn is reporting from. you get the idea, mild air, light wind, lots of moisture, er go fog. we do have a warm front lift nothing too. that will continue this stretch, off on the
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thermometer but we do have rain that is just certainly right now lifting through del marva but not quite here just yet. once it gets here it is with us all day. that is shown very well. we have 5:00 a.m. rain coming through in pockets. so you are not all going to be seeing rain at the exact same time but in the afternoon we will see steady heavier rain coming in, maybe in toward the evening. if this is your travel day and it is for many of you you will very likely run into slow downs whether it be from the fog this morning or rain later on today. and, above average, even our coolest day, on monday 49 degrees. that the is still above the normal. we are a shattering record, meisha. >> 10 degrees tomorrow, that is just crazy. >> thanks, katie. good morning. happy hump day to you. road are looking good but we have had a string of incidents out there. i will let you know is what going on right now. thinks an accident at blue route north bound at ramp to matsonford roadblocking left
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lane. the servicemen are getting out the there trying to get this cleared out of your way. putting on brake lights trying to get by. hopefully that doesn't block you up and gets out of the way. we have cleared a disabled vehicle 95 south at girard point bridge we are looking good there. forty-two freeway north bound at creek road, looking good, it is a plenty of headlights all right, we are getting some volume, now as we push toward that 6:00 o'clock hour. the it will be a very busy travel day for a lot of you, so drive carefully. we have a look at delaware county 95 north at 452 and carrying that to the airport looks like this still traveling at pose todd speed. if you are traveling by air no major delays at the airport but keep your eye on the schedules. i have an update with an accident coming up in 15 minutes, nicole, over to you. wayward coyote found its way in the south the carolina airport. surveillance video shows that coyote running you this baggage terminal at myrtle beach international airport.
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the the coyote might have have gotten in through a baggage portal. animal control managed to blank will him in 45 minutes. the the a animal was unfortunately euthanized. more than 07 people remain missing after a huge landslide in southern china but is there good news from that construction scene. a man we're told was pulled from the ruble after 60 hours, buried underground. emergency official zazi that worker was treated for a broken hand and a foot injury. the landslide happened when mud gave way under a mountain of construction debris but incredible story there. on the healthwatch this morning a new study in pediatrics find low birth weight babies held skin to skin have a 36 percent reduced risk of infant mortality. latest research touting benefits the of the simple technique. danielle nottingham has more on another study that suggest the proper is not only good for baby's health but also good for the mom. catherine garcia castro delivered twins more than three months early, her son came home first but her
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daughter camilla remains and she wasn't able to hold her for weeks. >> it the is one thing you want to do to have a baby is touching and hold. >> reporter: when camilla was well neff in youres at cedar sinai encourage her to snug he will with her baby skin is to skin. new, research from the children's national health system find skin to skin contact decreases new moms stress levels. >> those intimate moments where they are just kind of skin to skin and bonding really really help decrease moms anxiety. >> reporter: ing having a baby in the n icu can interfere with parent/child bonding. study found moth hours held their baby skin to skin improve their mood and made them feel less helpless about their infant's health issues. skin to skin contact should begin right after birth or when baby is stabilized and last at least 45 minutes a obsession previous research has shown skin is to skin contact helps with digestion, stabilizing heart rates and
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increasing sleep times. garcia castro says it just feels right. >> it that is maternal instincts is that kicks in and i you say this is what i'm supposed to be done. >> danielle nottingham for cbs news, los angeles. a local pharmacy is turning children's holiday cheers into cash for charity. every time some than would post a picture while a kiddies crying visiting with santa a fishtown pharmacy will, donate $10 to the no kit hungry organization. the just pose a picture to the wall and use the hashtag no kid happy. the photo you post can be of your kid or yourself with the kid, just so long as there is a little high crying on sanity a's lap. those are the classic photos. >> they are. >> you said your kids had their moment. >> interesting from that last story they spent time in the n icu so we had a n icu reunion party, their first visit with the big guy, they screamed
5:51 am
through the whole thing. >> scary. >> yes. >> let's get a picture and move on. >> yes. >> my daughter said it is really grand pop. >> who is this big guy. >> yes. >> i have a picture. >> i'm just kidding. >> next year he will be screaming his head off. all right. we will be right back.
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every where you look is there lights, stars, tinsel but nothing shines brighter this time of the year then face of the child. cbs news correspondent chip reid tells us that an organization called snowball express wouldn't have it any other way. >> reporter: more than a thousand kid were in dallas recently for four days, of non-stop joy. there was no limit to the game, the the rise, and the fun. >> up. >> reporter: it was all free. if you are wondering why these
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kid, and their parents were treated like such heroes well, they have earned it, the hard way. every child here lost a parent in the military, and every parent here lost a spouse. the chase sullivan is seven, his brother jake is five, their mother bri can't remember the the last time they were this happy. >> they get to be with other kid who get it, who understand what it is like to lose a parent. >> reporter: this is the tenth anniversary of the snowball express a non-profit charity named for an old disney movie. snowball express is always held during the the holiday season because for many here
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